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Den of the Silver Wolf


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My Pack

Phoenixes, foxes, tigers, bobcats...welcome to my menagerie

Well, here it is, the place where I'll talk about my friends. My best friend, and others I have met along the way.



Another good friend, and a person that i can always count on to be at the party!  However, this leopard speaks her mind, so no pissing her off.  Any lions interested in taming her?


Ahhh yes, the mighty kestrel, and a very good friend of mine making it up in NYC!!  I love this little gay man dearly! 


The Phoenix rises from fire, and I am certainly glad our friendship has done the same!  Here's to the future!


The majestic tiger.  A dear friend of mine and someone I can always count on to make me smile!  With Bast as her patron though, I wouldn't mess with her too much, she does know how to use those claws.


A cougar has been my friend since high school and remains the only person I talk to from there. Way to go, bud! You are my girl! And I love you!


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