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Den of the Silver Wolf


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Brightfang, Lady of Justice


She carries the sword of Justice at her side, her eyes ever vigilant

This is my role play character, Brightfang. She is a werewolf who has a haunted past and a knack for getting into trouble.

When she was younger, she was thrown out of her village for being a werewolf after her so called lover caused her to shift in the middle of town.

After wandering for a year she met the White Wolf who took her in and showed her how to live. Other werewolves taught her swordplay and how to live honorably.

Brightfang was adopted by Queen Valentine who became her mother in spirit and later, by magic, in blood. She was given the sword of Justice and was asked to become the Guardian of Justice.

Brightfang wears a suit of enchanted silver armor, and at her side the Sword of Justice is always there. It is a golden hilted blade with a large red stone at the pommel. It glows a bright blue whenever there is evil or injustice nearby.

When Bright shifts, she shifts into the form of a massive silver wolf. Her half form is massive standing at almost eight feet tall.

I have been playing this character for almost four years and I think she is my greatest role play creation. Some say I behave quite a bit like her. She is also my first character and I will always hold a place in my heart for her adventures.


See My Links Page for where I role play as Bright!

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