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Den of the Silver Wolf


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I've been called a werewolf more than be the judge!


Human Name: Tiana Dumancas
Were Name: Brightfang
Email Address:
Phenotype: Timber wolf
Shifting Ability: Astral, Mental, Dream
Birthdate: 3/30/81
Birthplace: Denver, CO
Home Territory: Denver, CO
Dream Territory: United Kingdom
Physical Description, Human: 5'6", dark, big, curly hair streaked in blonde and red, brown skin tone, stocky build
Physical Description, Were: 6'3" thick silver fur, cold wet nose
Human Career: Professional student soon to be playwright
Hobbies/Interests: Music, theater, writing
Favorite Movies: So I Married an Axe Murderer, 10 Things I Hate About You, Shrek, Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile,
Favorite Were-movie: Ginger werewolf side is twisted.
Favorite Literature: Shakespeare anything really.
Favorite Were Literature: Alice Borchardt's The Silver Wolf, Women Who Run with the Wolves
Favorite Art: I am partial to Van Gogh, since he and I share a birthday.
Favorite Were-art: Anything featuring wolves, paintings, photos...anything
Favorite Quote: "You need to drink some prune juice and let that shit go."
Favorite Were Saying/Quote: "Rrrrr..."
Favorite Personal Quote: "Hey, its not as if I was dancing naked in the square!"
Favorite Song/Band(s): SR-71, Linkin Park, Bee Gees, Steppenwolf
Favorite Season: Winter
Favorite Holidays: Yule, Samhain
Preferred Prey: Deer or Elk really.
Hunting Tips: Wear pinstripes while stalking in tall grass...they look good, and are camouflage!
Preferred Method of Attack: The outright assault, using their shock to slow them down.
Favorite Non-Were Mythological Beast: Griffon
Feelings Toward Vampires: I have a fear, but hey, my friends help me get over it.
Feelings Toward Normal Humans: I like em. Nice people, if they aren't off being assholes.