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Den of the Silver Wolf


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For My Sweet Vixen

For you, my love.  Here are your clues.


You first clue my love
Is something to see
The first thing you'll look at
When you wake, besides me.
It's look will be changed
In a positive way
Something to enjoy
By night and by day.
There will be more to come, my dear.  Just getting started!

Your second clue is somewhat small
But will be pleaseing after all
When you finally get to start
Will hopefully find a place in your heart.
Wow...more corny rhyme...hehehe.  I love you!

Your third clue is simple
It comes with a song
And my simple prayer
That nothing goes wrong.
The gesture is simple
But its from my heart
The notes will lead you
To where our love starts.
Another clue, as time draws near
You needn't worry,  have no fear.
You'll be surprised and pleased as well
But its only through clues that I'll ever tell.
You'll be wined and dined in ways untold
I hope you're happy when this finally unfolds.